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Hong Kong is a diverse society, with a population close to 7 millions. The main language of communication is Cantonese, but English is widely used in the city due to the fact that it was a British colony for a very long time. To get to know more about Hong Kong , such as city life, geography, language, transportation, renting an office, etc., please go to the following sites for more details: or .

Visas and tax etc

If you are not a Hong Kong resident, then you are required to get a work visa or permit before you can start working here. Regarding any information for getting a work or tourist visa, and or Hong Kong Identity Card, please go to or email to . For the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, please contact (852) 2824-6111. In addition to the above, regarding information for taxation please go to . There is a scheme that everybody who holds a job compulsorily needs to comply with is called the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF), Web site:

Office rent

Office rent depends on where about you are planning to set up an office, for Hong Kong Island side the range is about HK$25 - 50 (US$3.2 - 6.4) per square feet, and for Kowloon peninsular and the New Territories the range is about HK$12 - 40 (US$1.5 - 5.1) per square feet. There would be a management fee, which depends on the type of building.


Registering in Hong Kong

At the moment, there are about 40 HKCA members in Hong Kong , part of their annual membership fees, which is HK$4,000.00 (US$513), goes towards malpractice insurance. If you intend to practice in Hong Kong , then you'll need to register with the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council. The Registration fees is HK$3360 while the Practicing licence fees is HK$ 1360. The Practicing licence fees stays the same for all active or non-active, local or overseas chiropractors. Registered chiropractors need to renew their license annually to keep their registered status. You can contact the Chiropractors Council directly for details at:

 The Secretary
Chiropractors Council of Hong Kong
2/F Shun Feng International Centre
182 Queen's Road East ,Wan Chai
Hong Kong SAR, PRC
Tel No. (852) 2527-8363
Fax No. (852) 2865-5540

Most common reasons for patient visits

Due to the hectic city life that the Hong Kong people live, Cervical/Upper Thoracic problems and LBP are the most common conditions seen by the DCs. Although alternative health care is getting more popular in Hong Kong , but wellness or maintenance care are still not yet as popular or well known. The public still needs to be educated about this area of preventative care, and why they need it.

Insurance and Fees for DC visits

An average treatment fee in Hong Kong is about HK$350.00 - 500.00 (US$44 - 64.) per visit. Most of the practices in Hong Kong are running a predominantly cash practice, as insurance coverage for chiropractic is still not widespread in Hong Kong . In addition, chiropractors don't see as many Personal Injury (PI) or Workers' Compensation cases compared to other parts of the world. Most of the chiropractors in Hong Kong either have their own practices, or share, but there are few practices that take on associates. Most of the expatriate chiropractors start their practices as an associate because they need a sponsor to be able to get their work permit.

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