18-Nov-2017   Annual General Meeting
 10-Oct-2017   HKCA 50th Anniversary 
 04-Jul-2017   Legislative Council meeting 
12-Mar-2017   HKCA/Rotary Health Promotion Day for the Elderly
05-Mar-2017   Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon 2017
05-Jan-2017   Practice Risk Management – Revised Code of Practice
        12-Dec-2016  - Committee meeting
       12-Nov-2016  - Annual General Meeting
        16-Oct-2016  - World Spine Day
        02-Oct-2016  - ActionAsia Marathon
        23-Apr-2016  - HKCCF Charity Dinner
        10-Apr-2016  - Rotary Event - Elderly Health Promotion Day
       14-Mar-2016  - Council & Committee Meeting
         29-Jan-2016  - AGM for Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation(HKCCF)
     23-Nov-2015  - Advertising board for HKCA
     15-Nov-2015   - Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery on 15th November 2015
     08-Nov-2015   - Sports and Injury Committee participated into the sports event
     03-Nov-2015   - Career Fair
     12-Oct-2015   - CPD:Essential First Aid
     4-Oct-2015   - 2 Peaks 23k trail race
     12-Sep-2015   - Annual General Meeting
     16-May-2015   - Alan Cheng & Dr Henry Cheung visited in Hong Kong
     13-May-2015   -

13th WFC Congress/ECU Convention 2015, Athens, Greece

     28-Apr-2015   - Fellowship meeting
    27-Apr-2015   - Meeting with the Secretary for Food and Health
     11-Apr-2015   - Dinner with Prof. Greg Kawchuk
     10-Mar-2015   - Lunch with CMCC president
       25-Oct-2014   -  Lumbo Pelvic Pain: Mechanisms and Evidence Based Diagnosis & Treatment
           3-Oct-2014  - CMCC visited to HKBU
       20-Sept-2014  - Annual General Meeting 2014
         24-Jan-2014  -  HK Anti-Cancer Society's 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert
         24-Oct-2013  - HKBU-RMIT Meeting Regarding Chiropractic Program in HK
       14- Sept-2013  - Annual General Meeting 2013
          16- Jul-2013  - Management of Low Back Pain in Adult Scoliotics
          01- Jul-2013  - Presidential dinner to welcome new members
     18-May-2013  - 1 year anniversary Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation
      24-Apr-2013  - Live Video Conference Series : Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD
      20-Feb-2013  - Fasical Manipulation- The Stecco Method Seminar
       01-Nov-2012 - Health Talk in CitiBank
12-Oct-2012 - World Federation of Chiropractic Report
10-Oct-2012 - Chiropractic. Clinical Hands-On Protocols ( C.CHOP ) seminar
07-Oct-2012 - Action Asia Marathon 2012
  24-Sep-2012  -  CMCC President Dr. Moss visit
20-Aug-2012 - HKCA sports activities in Mongolia
  16-Aug-2012 - Vertebral Artery Dissection ( VAD )
        Jul-2012  - Health Talk in Ajisen (China) Holdings Limited
   16-Jun-2012  -  World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Seminar 2012
   15-Jun-2012  -  Welcome luncheon
   12-Jun-2012  -  
   01-Jun-2012  -  PR Committee Activity 2011-12
 -  MRI in evaluation of pelvic and hip musculo-skeletal problems
    19-Apr-2012  -  Elbow pain made simple
    6-Mar-2012 - Hong Kong Medical Association Council Meeting
   25-Feb-2012  -  Neurological Applications of Manual Muscle Testing
   08-Feb-2012  -  

Observation of treatment of Allergic Rhinitis with acupuncture in Hong Kong

   13-Jan-2012  -  香港衛生專業人員-CEPA訪問團
   11-Jan-2012  -  Prevention and Treatment of Genu Varum and Medial Gonarthrosis
  19-Nov-2011  - Golf Injury Talks
    02-Jul-2011  - Lobby legco member Paul Tse regarding sick leave issue
   30-Jun-2011  - The Asian Medical Stuents' Association Joint Conference 2011
   24-Jun-2011  - Lobby legco member Jeffrey LAM Kin-fung regarding sick leave issue
   21-Jun-2011  - China Daily- Stop, stretch and listen to your body
   21-Jun-2011  - The curse of the iPhone (HK Edition)
   20-Jun-2011  - Conservation with the secretary of health & food : dr York chow
   15-Jun-2011  - APCDF - Taiwan meeting
   13-Jun-2011  - Legco with Sick Leave
   08-Jun-2011  - Meeting with Cheung Man Kwong
   07-Jun-2011  - "Chiropractors push for full status, training schools" from CHINA DAILY
  17-May-2011  - 王國興促承認脊醫假紙 - 文匯報
  11-May-2011   成報 '增加病人開支 拒納脊醫假紙勞顧會捱轟 被指延誤病情'
  10-May-2011  - 勞顧會研認可脊醫假紙 - 文匯報
  09-May-2011  - 蘋果日報 '病假證明未獲承認 脊醫不滿'
  10-May-2011  - 星島日報 '政府續拒脊醫簽病假紙'
  09-May-2011  - 文匯報 '但脊醫簽發的假紙暫未獲承認'
  09-May-2011  - 東方日報 '簽病假紙不獲承認 脊醫失望'
  13-Oct-2010  - Giordano Seminar
  23-Jun-2010  - Giordano Seminar
14-Mar-2010 - Macau Spinal Screening Project 2010
20-Oct-2009 - Giordano Seminar
10-Oct-2009 - The windsurfing competition 2009
28-Aug-2009 - Dr. Bernard Chan's Seminar: By Dr. Karen Chan
   17-Jun-2009  - Assessment of soft tissue injuries of the cervical spine


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